About HB Knits

  Hey! I am Beth Canino maker/dyer behind Henry Baxter Knits! This business all started with my love for my pets and knitting. As I have gotten more into knitting I started learning about all the different types of yarn. I started my own collection of indie dyed yarn, and every time I traveled I always picked up a skein.

  In my form career, I was a cosmetologist! My favorite thing you can probably guess was color. If I wasn’t dying my own hair bright colors I was giving all my customers some fun new shade. Since I stopped doing hair I have never lost that passion for color! So I thought could I combined my love of bright hair color with this new found love for knitting and yarn! Thus began my yarn dying journey! 

  Now to explain our name! It comes from the names of my fur babies! I wanted a way to memorialize them and have them forever even when they pass. Baxter our crazy old man Yorkie and Henry our timid loving Dachshund Chihuahua Pitbull mix. They are our two loveable old men!

 If you like colorful yarn that is just as unique as you then this is probably the yarn for you!